Vacation Rental Lease Bundle + Training

Developed over 17 years of hosting, these leases are iron clad and based on actual experience and are the leases that I use for my own rentals.  Protect yourself from the vague rules and Airbnb's lack of support for hosts.  Think of this as your insurance for Airbnb's insurance.  These will also give you the freedom & confidence to take direct bookings when you combine them with STR specific insurance for your rental that covers rental losses.  Take it one more step and offer your guests a damage protection policy and you will have just as much protection + the best part?  You are 100% in control.

These contracts have protected me from squatters & lawsuits and have supported me in Airbnb claims.  Defining your policies to this level will serve you and your hospitality business well.

What you get:

🌟 Booking platform lease: written especially for your bookings received through Airbnb, VRBO etc.

🌟 Direct booking lease: This is for guests who want to book directly with you.  It covers payment details, security deposits and other protections.

🌟 4 video trainings: How to use the templates, How to implement the leases in your booking process, How to manage guest resistance to signing, How to import the template to 17Hats.

Many people opt to hire an attorney to write up a rental contract for them, but if that attorney has zero experience with short term rental guests, I guarantee you, there will be gaps in your protection when certain common issues come up.

These contracts started as an attorney contract written for a vacation rental company, and since 2005 I have evolved my contract template to include 32 clauses + a pet addendum.  It even includes Covid & service animals and the most recent scam, "internet outage refunds".

They are the most robust rental contracts on the market and are 100% editable.  You choose which clauses work for you and which don't.

These can work in any state and even most countries because they are customizable.  

A combination of requiring a photo ID to be presented to confirm identity, a rental contract and STR specific insurance such as Proper Insurance keeps you just as protected, if not more, as booking through Airbnb or similar.

Last updated 9/4/2022

NOTE: Although my lawyer approves of these leases, they are not intended as legal advice. 

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DISCLOSURE:  These documents are not intended as legal advice and may not be perceived as such.  This may be used as an example only and the user holds full responsibility by using it. It is highly recommended that you have your real estate attorney give their stamp of approval prior to putting this in to use.

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