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Airbnb Ambassador Free Listing Setup help - New Host Accounts only


I can help!! I’ve partnered with Airbnb who pays me to help new hosts start off on their best foot and avoid the costly mistakes that most new hosts make with their listings.  You may be wondering why you should choose me as your mentor?

If you are planning to start hosting for the first time and have a rental ready to be listed immediately, this is hands down the best way to do it! 


Airbnb has strict parameters of who fits this program and I will not be paid if you do not fit this criteria.

🌟 You must be ready to launch your listing immediately.

🌟 You must be hosting an entire place (Sorry, private or shared rooms don't qualify.)

🌟 You must maintain a strict cancellation policy until your first booking has completed and not cancel your first booking for any reason.

🌟 You must complete your first booking within 75 days after clicking the link.  Your first booking must check out prior to the 75 day deadline. I only get paid if your first booking checks out within a certain time frame.

🌟 You will not connect any 3rd party software to your listing until after our mentorship has completed and I have been paid.

If you aren't ready to immediately launch your listing, book mark this page and wait to click my link until you are ready to roll! 


Not all Ambassadors are equal. Did you know that a host only needs to be a superhost to be an ambassador which can be achieved in the first 3 months of hosting?  This means they could have less than 1 year of experience.  I’m an Elite Airbnb Ambassador and have been hosting since 2005 {yep, before Airbnb} which means that I not only walk you through the mechanics of setting up a listing, I share my skills and strategies to make your listing do the hard work for you to attract the right guests for you!

Setting up a listing isn't as easy as you may think.  100% of hosts I've worked with have incomplete listings until I walk them through all of the nooks and crannies of their new listing!

There are also some other decisions that can be hard to make if you are new such as:

🏠 Instant book or no?
🏠 Smart pricing, dynamic pricing or manual?
🏠 Which cancellation policy is best?
🏠 How much should you include in your description?
🏠 Should you set up automatic discounts?
🏠 Should you take long term bookings?

Above is a partial list of decisions to make when creating your listing, but there are little known features that you 100% should be taking advantage of. 

How great would it be to have a mentor with 18 years of experience help you navigate these decisions from day one at no cost to you?  I can help you analyze what is best for you and your unique situation.

"I was honored to have Marilynn be my Airbnb Ambassador! I first found her on Instagram where she offers a wealth of information. I watched all of her videos on Instagram and took great notes and thought I was prepared. But she still had such great advice for me and my Airbnb as my ambassador! She was available to answer questions, gave great personalized tips and the Zoom walkthrough that we did before I went live with my Airbnb was so immensely helpful. I was able to attract the right guests and get 5 star reviews immediately because of Marilynn! I highly recommend that you sign up for her ambassador program!" - Eriana @TheBella_Scottsdale


🌟 FREE listing mentorship & direct helpline to me through your listing setup {worth $625/hr}

🌟 An actionable downloadable checklist of suggestions on your listing content, setup, design & photography. {$159 value}

🌟 My BNB Listing Mastery digital course with training videos that walk you through every step of your Airbnb listing set up. {$150 value}

🌟 10% off a listing audit video usually about 30 min. with design & listing optimization suggestions. 

🌟 10% off my digital hosting starter course 5 Star Profits which when completed gives you a special code for 50% off a 1:1 with me.



DISCLAIMER: Please read the qualifications above before signing up.  If you don't meet the criteria, please wait to click the link on the button below until you do.

To get started, click the button below, but READ THE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:


Sign in to the account that you intend to use as a host.  (Once you connect to me, that must be the account you use for your listing, please do not create another account later and then connect to me again.)

Read all of these instructions.

You will arrive at a page that looks like this.

When you arrive to that first page, make sure that you see my name and photo (photo may have been updated), then click on "Ask a Superhost" button.  

After we are connected be sure to send me a message on Airbnb how you found me so I know that you used my link to sign up. (Airbnb also sends me connections, and I want to know who my insiders are!  You get special treatment)

If you don't see my name or photo after clicking the button or after signing in, or are connected to another ambassador, that is a GLITCH.  Please try coming back here to click the link again, then email me at hello@marilynntaylor.com to inform me that you are having trouble.  I can have you reassigned to me if you end up with another ambassador.


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