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What if you could start creating more cash flow in less time with less costly mistakes?

This is the coaching, community and systems you need to automate your short term rental business so you make more money, impact more people, and work less hours.

(Like, way less hours.) 

Create a massively profitable & systematic guest focused STR business in 90 days.


with Marilynn Taylor


Exclusive access to me!


Built in protections most other coaches never talk about!


Build a profitable & sustainable STR business!

Inside The Stress Free Host Mentorship, you'll get everything you need to plan, find and launch your next short term rental so that you can stop swapping hours for dollars and start seriously scaling your income.

Imagine if....

 ✔️ There was a way to acquire and launch a short term rental in 3-6 months knowing it will be profitable?

✔️ There was a way to create systems that grow your STR business without being in the day to day minutia.

✔️ You could finally have a stream of mostly passive revenue to have more time with loved ones...

✔️ You could wake up everyday to deposits in the bank, literally while you were sleeping...

✔️ You could impact people by sharing your gifts & hospitality with every guest who crosses your threshold & get paid for it!...

All of that's possible inside the Stress Free Host Mentorship.

But what IS the Stress Free Host Mentorship?

It is a 3 month small group online mentorship to help you take action in building and scaling a massively profitable, sustainable & solid guest focused STR business.  

Inside, I open up my playbook of almost 20 years in the making and give you everything you need - training, coaching & support - to automate bookings, operations & profits using my time tested systems and processes.

Enrollment is open, and there are only 10 spots available with almost 4x the number of people already on the waitlist, but the spots are first come first served. 

My goal: To empower you to make way more money, increase bookings and work way less hours through my content, coaching & community of the Stress Free Host Mentorship.

Tell me if this sounds like you......

You want cash flow without sacrificing all of your time.

You need to stop swapping hours for dollars but don't know how to get there.

You have too many bills, not enough time and not enough money.

You've over trying to get ahead with a dead end 9-5 job.

You're tired of feeling like you will never achieve that lifestyle that currently only is a reality in your dreams.

You wish there was an easy way to create and launch your short term rental simply, quickly, and best of all, profitably.

You have a short term rental that isn't performing as expected or has left you overwhelmed & overworked

Who is an ideal applicant for SFH Mentorship?

The SFH Mentorship is right for you if.....

You are an established short term rental host or are an aspiring short term rental host.

You want to get started NOW creating your dream lifestyle with a sustainable & profitable short term rental business.

You've been thinking about getting started with short term rentals or Airbnb, but don't know where to get started. Maybe you've already started searching for your first STR but you've got analysis paralysis and haven't taken action yet.

You've already been hosting but you're overwhelmed by all of the moving parts involved in a hospitality business and you just can't seem to achieve the profits you hoped for.

You want an easy, straightforward system to ensure profitability & preserve your time freedom in 90-180 days.

This is not for you if.....

You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme.

You prefer to source free content rather than get real, actionable strategy from an expert.

You’re a host as a hobby and not interested in growing and scaling a short term rental business.

You don't see the value of investing in education to fast track your success.

You like to move slowly and see a delayed return on your (time and money) investment.


Here's what mentorship student Lindsay P said -  "I have been diligently working on all the things you have discussed so far in class. I am eager to start helping clients find the right property for their goals (including me!).  I feel I can directly put everything I’m learning into action, ... the course you are offering is very helpful and I like that I can put pieces into action immediately. I fully feel that this year is my growth year! Thank you!"


🌿 3 full months of access to me with the opportunity to extend that access in my exclusive SFH Alumni Facebook group.

🌿 Weekly time released modules in digital course form that you can watch on your own time over the week prior to our meetings.

🌿 12 - 1 hour live zoom sessions - starting with a deep dive on your why, dream lifestyle & clarity on just how attainable that is.

🌿 Goal setting, Q&A and hot seat coaching. This is where the rubber meets the road and I make sure you are taking measurable action toward your goals.

  • Each week's modules will be released in time for you to review prior to the session.
  • For those who were unable to join the live instruction, the video will be available for replay.

🌿 A huge list of bonuses, calculators, analysis & project tracking worksheets {see the giant list of bonuses below}

🌿 Private Stress Free Host Mentorship FB Group - 3 months of Daily support, community, Q&A, coaching


  • Mindset + Goal setting  - Framework for aligning your business to your lifestyle goals + reverse engineering how to reach your lifestyle goals with STR.
  • Choosing a business model, STR property types & Choosing a market.
  • Deep dive on deal analysis & the ins and outs of financing & partnerships to pounce on that deal when you find it! 
  • Built in Protections & Business foundations- Proprietary formula for liability / asset protections & stress free bookings + How to act like a business from the start.  This allows you to take direct bookings stress free!
  • Design + Branding:  Guest Avatar + Basics of design- Understanding how to attract your ideal guest & niche down, Creating the design plan + cohesive branding 
  • Setting up your property & Building your team the right way for smooth sailing in your biz.
  • Building and Marketing your Listing / Direct bookings / Pricing / Photography- Proprietary listing formatting to attract, disclose, screen & protect
  • Tech Stack / Booking workflow / Guest Communications / Experience
  • The Growth Accelerator - How to grow your business with longevity no matter the market conditions.


The Stress Free Host program far exceeded our expectations! Marilynn's heart-centered approach to hosting as well as her experience, knowledge and systems in the short-term rental space, have given us the confidence and knowledge to launch our first property. I have done other STR-related courses and the most valuable part of this program is the individual coaching and accountability. I felt that Marilynn and our group was able to help with resources whenever it was needed. Marilynn is the real deal!...her financial and legal resources/framework alone are worth the investment for the course. Additionally, it was such a treat to have access to other guest experts as a bonus.

-Lindsay Lombardi & Craig Resnick

Those who invest in their education grow faster, earn more and make more mistakes.  

"Real estate mistakes are expensive.....way more expensive than Marilynn's coaching program ever could be." Michael P.


🌿 5 star profits: The HCH Method digital course - An overview of my approach to hosting & how I build in protections & profits in a guest focused way.

🌿 Airbnb Listing Mastery Digital course - A quick video course walking you through the back end of an Airbnb listing.

🌿 Listing setup checklist & budgeting tracker - The most comprehensive & complete editable rental set up checklist & budget worksheet all in one, with my favorite items built right in!

🌿 My Vacation Rental Lease Bundle & implementation training 

🌿 Digital Hosting Vault - Library of guides & worksheets 

🌿 3 Months access to nationwide AirDNA (This alone is worth $2500) - This will help you learn how to use this software to it's greatest potential and give you a leg up in finding that next deal!

🌿 Listing audit to ensure you are fully optimized 

🌿 Co-hosting lesson - Guest teacher Natalie Palmer, host of the podcast No Vacancy & host of the STR Event Level Up Your Listing shares her proprietary cohosting methods

🌿 Program workbook - An editable workbook that will walk you through the whole curriculum

🌿 How to create a mood board digital course - A quick training showing you how to create a visual mood board for your design

🌿 Booking Revenue Tracker spreadsheet - An editable excel spreadsheet to track revenue, profit, commissions, TOT taxes, nightly rates, lead times, booking sources, notes, etc. I have developed this over 20 years for at a glance data.

Typically, if I was going to work with you one-on-one, it'd be a five figure investment for 3 months worth of coaching.

With The SFH Mentorship, you get lifetime access to the program and daily access to me inside the community, and it's far from a 5-figure investment.

If I was to teach you all of what you get in this program one on one at $625/hr it would cost you well over $30,000, and that doesn't even include all of the worksheets, swipe copy, legal documents, calculators, bonus trainings that you get. It has taken me 19+ years to learn what I know and teach you, and you really can't put a price on that level of experience.

(Actual cost will be a fraction of this, and it will be a no brainer. 😉)


    The Stress Free Host Program is just that, stress free! I have gained so many tools to organize my business efficiently that I now feel I can work ON my business instead of IN it every day. Marilynn is a terrific teacher, mentor and coach and she truly cares about each of her students and wants them to succeed. I have taken short term rental classes in the past, and was left with questions and felt I needed to pay more to keep getting to the answer I was seeking.  I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking to start a short term rental or looking to scale a business properly. Marilynn knows her stuff, and willingly shares her breadth of knowledge. Lindsay P.

    Imagine if....

     ✔️ There was a way to acquire and launch a short term rental in 3-6 months knowing it will be profitable?

    ✔️ There was a way to create systems that grow your STR business without being in the day to day minutia.

    ✔️ You could finally have a stream of mostly passive revenue to have more time with loved ones...

    ✔️ You could wake up everyday to deposits in the bank, literally while you were sleeping...

    ✔️ You could impact people by sharing your gifts & hospitality with every guest who crosses your threshold & get paid for it!...

    All of that's possible inside the Stress Free Host Mentorship.

    Ready to take the next steps?

    SFH Mentorship is an application - only coaching program.

    If you believe it will be a good fit for you, I encourage you to click the button below and fill out the quick application.  

    It takes just a few minutes.

    Step 1: Click below

    Step 2: Read the confirmation message and click the link inside to fill out the application.  

    Please be as detailed as possible with your answers - this is your chance to make a first impression!  You'll get to share your goals and plans, so feel free to take your time with this part.  Your answers helm me determine if I should advance you to the next step of the process.

    Step 3: If you meet the criteria, I will reach out within 48 hours to book a 20 min. discovery call to share the details of the program.  

    Why learn from me?


    There are a ton of other coaches in the short term rental space many of which got in in 2020 when it was easy to make money.  I hired Marilynn specifically because she has been in the industry long before that Airbnb boom we saw.  She has a wealth of information and I highly recommend getting in to her coaching program. Rebecca H.

    I launched my first vacation rental in 2004 and have 19+ years of experience in multiple types of vacation rental hosting.  I'm excited to share my roadmap with you and help you step through the fear and take action toward the life you have been dreaming of.

    I created this program to better serve hosts who need the accountability and support of an expert to help them confidently scale and create a sustainable short term rental business.

    It's time to stop planning and finally launch or optimize your short term rental.


    You have two options:

    Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own piece meaning together bits of info you can find for free...


    Finally have a proven system for launching and/or scaling your profitable STR  so you can finally stop swapping hours for dollars and improve your income and lifestyle.

    Fill out the form to be the first to apply to snag your spot before I open it up to the rest of the public & grab a fast action discount!

    Once you have filled out the form, you will receive the link to the application in the confirmation page.

    Only 10 spots available and I have almost  4x the number of spots available on the waitlist already.

    But.......This is first come first served, so let's get that ball rolling!

    I look forward to your application!




    Is this program right for me?

    If you’re asking yourself any of these questions…..it’s for you.

    “How do I find a profitable market & analyze the numbers on a potential deal?”

    How can I build a business that gives me freedom of time so I can spend more time doing the things I love with the ones I love to do it with?

    The fear of the unknown and variety of markets to choose from is too much and I end up paralyzed and do nothing.

    I don’t know what numbers to look for before investing.

    I’m afraid of all of the liabilities that comes with short term rentals.

    How much does it cost?

    Whenever this is the first question someone asks before fully understanding the value of a program, it shows me that we need to work on your mindset!  And don't get me wrong, this was me in the past too, so no judgement....only love.  

    So let me ask you this......" If someone offered for you to buy a brand new Ferrari for $50,000, would you buy it?"  Stop here and really answer that honestly.

    If your answer wasn't "Hell yes, and I would figure out how to get the money even if I didn't have it because I would turn around and sell it for $150k next week!".......then we have some work to do. 😉

    Do you see where I'm going with this?  $50k is out of reach for most people, but those who immediately see opportunity would find a way to get the money to "invest" in that Ferarri knowing they would be $100k richer within that month.

    The price of the program is an investment that you should expect a huge return on and will be revealed only after your application is approved and I've had the chance to share the details of the course so that you are aware of the actual value of this opportunity vs. the fraction of that value that you will actually invest to join the course.

    To hold yourself back and miss out on an opportunity because you think you can't afford it, could actually be costing you more by not joining than if you did join in lost revenues or horribly expensive real estate mistakes that could have been avoided.

    Why this mentorship over some others I’ve seen?

    I have more experience than most other coaches, and have weathered multiple major economic market shifts. 

    I bring authenticity, heart & a wealth of knowledge in building protections & systems in to your process that allows you to sleep at night. 

    On top of all of that, I bring the clout of being an HGTV alumni interior designer, and teach you how to create a fulfilling guest experience that guarantees top dollar for your rental.

    What is the biggest value inside of the mentorship?

    Hands down, my 19+ years of experience.

    I approach this like a business using my 22 years of real estate investing, real estate license and creativity to help you craft the business model that is right for you and your dreams.

    You can’t put a price tag on someone else’s mistakes and experiences and how they’ll help you build your business at an even faster pace and with less expensive mistakes.

    How do I know if it’s good for me at this point in my journey?

    We will only work together if it is a good fit for you and aligns with your goals and what this mentorship provides.

    Every lifestyle map is different and everyone in this group will get personalized attention and advice.

    What if spots sell out?  I have scheduled a discovery call.

    It’s very possible.  I have 10 spots and more than 4x the number of people signed up to apply.  If it sells out I won’t be doing this again until January 2024.

    If you are serious about getting started or unleveling your current business to optimize and scale, then DM Coaching to learn more and apply.

    What if I'm really busy and I'm not sure if I have time to make the most out of this round?

    The beauty of this program is that it is a hybrid of digital course + live zoom calls, so you can spend your time ingesting each lesson when the time best suits you and come prepared to the zoom sessions with your questions so that once they are answered you can either jump off, or hang out with the rest of the group until the call is over.

    I purposely designed this so that busy people didn’t have to miss out.  You also have lifetime access to the video replays of the live zoom calls and all of the program content, so that if you even have to submit your questions ahead of time, I can answer it for you during the call and you can watch my answer in the replay.

    No matter what, I’m committed to meeting you where you are in this season of life so that you can start off with proper systems to avoid the overwhelm that causes so many other hosts to never start or quit before they realize the potential of their investment.  

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