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Everything you need to get started STR hosting or up-level your hosting game!  Create a stress free Heart Centered short term rental business with protections built in and a space that guests want to return to again and again!

Only $347!  Save $36 over purchasing individually!

The scariest part of short term rental hosting that holds people back from starting their first BNB is "What if a guest destroy's my rental?".  This bundle put in to action will help you create a STR business that attracts the right guests & protects you from scams & destructive guests, not to mention so much personal fulfillment!  

When you host from the heart, and pour that in to every aspect of hosting, the rental interiors, amenities, communications, etc., the guests feel that love and reflect it back to you!  Believe me, after 18+ years in this business, it's the best and only way to host, in my book.

This bundle is everything you need to get started to build a STRONG foundation for your hosting practices that will help you avoid those costly rookie mistakes that so many hosts make!

Save time & money with this bundle.

Trying to learn everything supplied for you in this pack is surely something you can do, but why spend all of that time trying to piece together what you get instantly in this bundle??  Time is money in this business, and avoiding one costly mistake will pay for this many times over.

Here's what you will get:


The topics we'll cover are:

🚀  What is a heart centered host?

🚀  Knowing your guest demographic

🚀  The 4 hosting love languages- Identify your hosting superpower!

🚀  Design and Branding- How to create a memorable rental and brand.

🚀  Guest extras - thrill them to a 5 star review

🚀  Listing Basics- How to optimize your listing to do the work for you and attract your ideal guest!

🚀  Guest Vetting & Red Flags- Weed out the wrong guests

🚀  Guest Communications- Practical tips and guidance to deal with objections during booking, issues during their stay and how to ask for that 5 star review!

🚀  Understanding Superhost

This course is a quick and easy course to get through and you own it for life including any updates and improvements for as long as I maintain that product.

Cost: $179 {$1800 value} 


What you get:

🌟 Booking platform lease: written especially for your bookings received through Airbnb, VRBO etc.

🌟 Direct booking lease: This is for guests who want to book directly with you.  It covers payment details, security deposits and other protections.

🌟 4 video trainings: How to use the templates, How to implement the leases in your booking process, How to manage guest resistance to signing, How to import the template to 17Hats

COST: $157 {$1500 Value}


What is in the vault?  

It contains all of my PDF download guides that will help you tackle specific tasks such as optimizing your listing, your photos, upleveling your design, budgeting your renovation or decorating project and so much more!

Cost: $47 {$300+ value}

TOTAL VALUE $2075 for only $347

Hosts who implement these resources will see:

🥳 Increase in bookings

🥳 Consistent 5 star reviews increase

🥳 Higher profits 

🥳 More peace of mind

🥳 Better quality guests

🥳 Increase in personal fulfillment!

🥳 You could start seeing these benefits within only weeks of implementing what you learn in these resources.  

I have poured knowledge gained from 18+ years of experience as an STR host to help you avoid the same mistakes I made.  Start off stronger and better than 95% of other hosts out there and quickly become the one to beat in your market!  I love nothing better than seeing my hosting students succeed!

BUY NOW to create that stress free short term rental business you have always dreamed of!

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