AIRBNB LISTING MASTERY- Get more bookings in a weekend!

Setting up an Airbnb listing can be incredibly overwhelming and in my time as an Airbnb Ambassador, I've noticed that 100% of my students miss critical elements of their listing while setting up that can lead to costly mistakes.  

This course has multiple videos that literally walks you step by step through every screen in your Airbnb listing to ensure that you don't miss any settings, you are fully optimized, and your listing is set up to attract your dream guest, pre-screen guests, repel those that you don't want & not only describe but disclose the important details properly to help assist Airbnb in backing you up when you need AirCover to come to the rescue.

If you are hesitant to set up your own listing, or are tired of feeling like you're not showing up in searches or fully booked....or have even had that dreaded awful guest, this is your solution.

What do I get?

This course will break down things like:

  • How to communicate in a way that will attract amazing guests & avoid miscommunications.
  • Create a listing that will automatically screen guests for you and protect you in the case of damages or the need to file a claim with AirCover.  
  • Structure your description in a way that your guests will actually read it.
  • Fully fill out your house manual that so many hosts don't even know is there!
  • Strategically arrange your photos to stop the scroll and get more click throughs to your listing.
  • It will even help you add SEO to your listing to show up in Google search results.
  • Plus, you get a downloadable checklist to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Once you have mastered your Airbnb listing, you can apply the same strategies to your listings on other platforms too!  These are time tested strategies that I have developed hosting on Airbnb since 2010.

Those of my students who have applied what they have learned from this course have launched to 5 star reviews and show high in search results.

This is a value worth $600 for only $47!

It would cost you more NOT to buy this course, and miss out on bookings from your dream guests.

See you in the course!

2 Modules


This is where you will start prior to starting your listing.

Even if you land here after you have started your listing, you will still want to watch the first video.

You will download the checklist in Lesson 2 of this module at the bottom of the page.

Modules for this product 2

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